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melting choc in the micro-what happened?


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melting choc in the micro-what happened?

sabine | Jul 14, 2004 09:56 PM

I just tried to melt some chocolate chips in the microwave for increments of 30 secs, probably 1.30-2.00 total. At no point did it actually liquify, but instead became a digusting, grainy mass that hardened quickly into clods. I put it over simmering water, put it in a preheated oven, and finally liquified it by adding boiling water. I took a leap of faith and used it anyway in the cake, but fear for the results! Will it taste burned, or off? And what happened anyway? I thought microwaving was a pretty standard way to melt chocolate, although I've always used the double boiler method. Can anybody help?

Thank you.

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