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mediocre meal at Asian Garden


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mediocre meal at Asian Garden

mmm something | Dec 27, 2003 07:36 AM

Maybe we ordered wrong, but Asian Garden didn't impress me.

S&P Fried Pork, Squid & Shrimp were fine, though a tad greasy and not crispy enough. Much better versions can be had at Peach Farm or Taiwan Cafe.

Beef with Parsley Soup was fine, and may be the best version of that dish in existence for all I know. Clear, mild, corn-starch thickened broth, reminiscent of egg-drop soup (of which I'm not a big fan) minus the egg-drop, complemented by minced skirt steak and garnished with cliantro.

Shrimp with Black Bean Sauce was flavorful. Probably a dozen jumbo shrimp, shelled with tail on, stir fried in a tasty if standard black bean sauce, rested atop about 2 cups of barely cooked bean sprouts. Tasty but not outstanding.

Beef Chow Foon was a bit heavy on the uncooked onion, giving the dish as a whole a very, well, oniony flavor. Noodles were a bit clumpy & stuck together. Beef was fine. Not a great rendition, though again, maybe I shouldn't be ordering Chow Foon here.

Last, whole 3 lb Cod steamed with ginger & scallion. Brought the cod right over to the table in a bucket after scooping it from the tank. Served whole in a very light sauce, this, again, may be the best whole steamed Cod in Chinatown for all I know, and maybe I just don't quite love it as much as others do, but for my money, there are a lot of other dishes I'd rather spend $35 on. The fish was very fresh, but hey, it's a Cod. It's as mild and flaky as fish gets, and the sauce was basically a drizzle of soy sauce and julienned ginger & scallion. Just a bit on the bland side for my taste.

Anyway, if I've ordered poorly, I'm all ears. Otherwise I'm much more likely to return to Taiwan Cafe, King Fung Garden, or Peach Farm for Chinese I know & love, or to venture off the Hong Kong Eatery, Wing's Kitchen, or Noodle Alcove to try something I haven't had before.

Happy holidays,


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