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The Mecca (Raleigh, NC) - Don't Go!

Tehama | Mar 22, 200806:25 AM

I know it is an institution, but Do. Not. Go. To. The. Mecca.

Tea - we never got refills. Ever. Even when we flagged down the waitress to ask.

My friend and I went a couple of days. He got a BLT. Bread = soggy. Ingredients = skimpy and of questionable taste. (How you can mess up a BLT, I am not sure?). Potato chips came with his sandwich. They pretty much just poured out the bottom of the bag of chip crumbs. I am not sure if there were more than 3 whole chips. But if you want microscopic pieces, you would have been happy.

I ordered the "fishwich". It sounded intriguing. Just be glad I am not in the hospital. First bite OK. Second bite, so many one-to-two inch bones you can't imagine. It is a miracle I somehow escaped piercing my trachea. I took the fish off the bun and cut it open with my fork (which I had to request as there was no silverware) and lo and behold! about 10 zillion more bones. WWWHHHHHHOOOO serves a fish sandwich that had not been filleted? (and, at the very least, doesn't tell you that it hasn't been filleted).

And, on a final sad note. French fries came with mine. I use that term exceedingly loosely. Being generous, they may have been cooked 5 days ago and left in a vat of grease and then dumped on my plate.

I can not believe we paid for this sad, sad glop of "food"

On a happy note, I recently visited Vallarta on Capital Blvd (Raleigh) for lunch a few days ago. It was fantastic! I got the ceviche. INCREDIBLE!

Also, had lunch yesterday at Elmo's (Carrboro) for the first time since I graduated a decade ago. I had the grilled pastrami and my friend had the chili. Both were top-notch with excellent service.

Ick. I am still in pain over the waste of time and money and disgusting fare at the Mecca. ICK ICK ICK I can't even begin to remember the last time I was anywhere that was *that* bad.

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