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Best Way to Measure Oil Temperature

mark617 | May 10, 201709:02 PM

First of all, hello. Long time lurker who is just getting around to asking a question, as most of my questions are asked and answered here without my intervention.

I picked up a Thermapen MK4 the other day because there was a 20% off sale, and I had been in the market for a while. But, when I am sautéing or shallow frying I like to know what temp my oil is (I know there are many tricks experienced cooks use, but I would prefer to be as accurate as possible for my own sanity).

Thermoworks has lots of "surface" type probes, as well as IR guns. I use LC enameled cast iron, so the interior being beige concerns me in terms of emissivity & IR guns. What would be the best way / item to properly measure the temperature of the oil in the pan (let's say a depth of oil between 1/16 to 1/8 inch).

Thermoworks states the following re IR guns: "A polished metal skillet, for example, can be covered with a thin layer of cooking oil, which has an emissivity rating of 0.95. Be sure to allow time for the cooking oil to come to temperature before taking your measurement. But once they are the same temperature, the highly emissive cooking oil makes checking the skillet temp a snap." I assume then, adding oil to my cast iron pan and using an IR gun is in this manner will tell me the temperature of my oil (accounting for the time needed initially for the oil temperature and pan surface temperature to equalize).

Thank you very much.

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