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What's the mass of a star anise pod?


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What's the mass of a star anise pod?

lamb_da_calculus | Mar 22, 2014 11:03 PM

I needed star anise pods and bought broken ones because they're significantly cheaper that way than when perfectly intact. On the other hand, this poses problems when recipes ask you to add a certain number of whole star anise pods. So can anyone either mass a few star anise pods and tell me the average mass of a single pod or point me in the direction of similar information? The idea is that knowing the mass of a single pod I can just convert "x star anise pods" to "y grams of broken star anise" and use my fragments that way.

Right now I'm just roughly reconstructing the fragments into whole pods before using them - they're only broken into three or four pieces each - but this is obviously not very accurate.

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