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Maslanka - buttermilk yogurt?

rworange | Jun 12, 200809:44 AM

The Chow article on potato salad had a link to a recipe where one of the comments had to do with maslanka.

Anyway, never heard about this before. It seems common in Toronto. Is it common elsewhere? There was a mention that a lot of Polish markets carry it. I'm of 100 % Polish ancestry and never heard of it.

Goggling is a little frustrating since it seems a whole lot of people have the surname of Maslanka. A Polish geneology site just says that name is Polish for 'buttermilk'.

Here's a Western Creamery link

Ok, that looks like a container for yogurt. However, one of the few mentions I could find was on this Polish site that said ...

"Maślanka - The buttermilk
The buttermilk is a sour, milky liquid made in process of separating the fat from sour cream. It is rich in the B-group vitamins. The buttermilk has got a pleasant, sourish, cool taste."

So what is it ... yogurt or buttermilk?

Is it the same as kaffir?

Anyway, it sounds good and I'll probably keep an eye out for it. If you use it, do you just use it like yogurt?

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