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Martin sur la route : Picard takes you for the ride !


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Martin sur la route : Picard takes you for the ride !

toto | Dec 28, 2007 09:29 AM

There is a new show on Radio-canada that will be aired on the Canadian food network called "Martin sur la route " with "Au pied de cochon " chef Martin Picard. I dont know what the english title will be , but it could be translated by "Martin on the road"

Picard and his sous-chef travels to different parts of the province of Quebec with their "kitchen" , and they go where the food is. The first show is about moose. They go hunting , and then coock the beast. They do the same with snow goose , salmon etc.

The moose show was fascinating. They first travel to there destination , and get very exited when they find mushrooms on the lwn of a subbuban looking house. One the hunt starts , the guides explain what it take to kill a moose. There is an historian who talks about the place of moose meat in the natives life and then for the french aristocratie.

Once Martin picard manages to kill his moose , he gets to cook it; he prepares testiscles in a muschroom sauce, the nose ( sorry I dont knoe the proper english word) is cooke. It used to be considered a delicacy by the french settlers of the provine. he prepares raviolies made with the gigantic moose liver , some spareribs and another thing I forgot.

There will be a show where he will do a "Grande Charcuterie"like it was done in the past here and is still done around the world , killing the pig , getting the blood for blood saussage , oreoaring the different parts of the animal.

The food network show will be only 1/2 hour instead of a full our , and you wont see Picard and his sous-chef killing the animal or anything too bloody. I dont know when they will ne aired , but there is still 6 shows in French , on Radio-Canada , every Tuersday and friday at 7 pm.

Picard trully delivers a unique show , like is restaurant !

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