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Mario Batali behind new farmer's market in Vegas? Is it any good?


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Mario Batali behind new farmer's market in Vegas? Is it any good?

roangavin | Sep 27, 2009 04:36 AM

just realised this needs to be in the southwest board. not sure how to delete this or move it. ignore please!

Basically I want to know if there are other farmers markets to watch in vegas. I had thought I knew about the only markets in town, all of which leave something to be desired...then I find these two I list in this post. This is really recent and it's hard information to get even in vegas. No one really makes a huge deal about the availability of local produce with whole foods on each side of the valley. It's not even listed on the website Nevada Grown( which is linked to from "Slow Food Las Vegas", a member of Slow Food USA ( What's up with that? So hard to support slow food when it's hard to find the connections. Anyways.....

I'm excited because....I've lived in Vegas for a while now and however much I have tried to support the farmer's markets here, I never see any amount of variety that really inspires me to become a regular member. I won't drive 30-40 minutes(i live on the far west side) each direction for only 2-3 produce vendors. SO...when I saw this

My mouth is salivating and i'm trying really hard not to get my hopes up..but the pictures look brilliant. I want to support this and it looks like a lot of the local chefs in the valley already do.

Has anyone here at CH visited this farmer's market yet? If so, what do you think of it? Also, are there other market's in Vegas and the nearby area that are worthy of going to. I'm not interested in produce trucked in from California if it's more than a 3 hour drive..the Molto market accepts produce from up to 120 miles. (the other vegas markets tend to allow anything up to 500 miles) I -am- interested in more local growers for herbs (such as I'm worried that because it's seems to be the only game in town attracting the majority of foodies, they're going to be really expensive. That would be another deal breaker for me. I want to support but not at the expense of milking me dry.

She also sells at the market hosted by the senior ctr in boulder city. That city also has an AMAZING community garden and I imagine a lot of the produce comes from there as well as backyard growers..or I am hoping. Anybody have more info on that market as well? Supposedly it's ONLY boulder city grown produce.

Molto farmers market is Thursday 11-1pm @ 7485 s dean martin dr #106
boulder city market is Sat 8-noon @ the Senior Center (813 Arizona St.) sum up my wordy post...
1) Have you been to either market or other markets that are worth going to in Vegas or the surrounding areas?
2) Are they worth the money and effort to shop at them?

Thank you in advance!

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