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Margaritas....and Tequila


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Margaritas....and Tequila

Nina W. | Feb 5, 2004 11:55 AM

A thread on the Manhattan board, looking for good margaritas, got me thinking.

I was in Chicago last week, and had a fantastic margarita and Chilpancingo. It was so good that I had a discussion with a staff person about it, and he talked about the fresh lemon/lime-ade that they used, and tequila, which he described as pure blue agave tequila.

Well, I nothing from nothing about tequila, but it seems that every time I drink a good example of one, it pleases me greatly. I'd like to know more.

So please educate me, tequila experts that are out there. I'd like to know the different kinds, their origins, their characteristics, and some brand recommendations that I'm likely to be able to find in NYC, etc.

Thank you!

Oh, and I'd like to know some stuff about a classic margarita - what are the traditional proportions? Salt or no salt? I'm not interested in newfangled flavored margaritas - I'm purist (for example, I think a martini is gin and vermouth with olives - anything else might be a nice cocktail, but it's not a martini).

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