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Maraschino liqueur


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Maraschino liqueur

annab | Feb 16, 2003 08:21 PM

So, one of my favorite cocktail recipe books "Classic Cocktails" raves about how great Maraschino Liqueur is and if you can get a hold of some it makes a great addition to a liquor cabinet. A few weeks ago I was at a party with an interesting and uneven assortment of liquor, and there, lo and behold, was an antique looking bottle of maraschino liqueur. (It said "Maraschino" on the neck of the bottle - I did not notice the brand) I tried it mixed with a little orange juice and some Absolut, and it was excellent. I mentioned this to a friend of mine, who kindly bought me a bottle of "Heerings Cherry Liqueur" for Valentine's. He mentioned that the liquor store owner had said it was not being imported anymore, and was hard to come by, and even suggested buying a second bottle. Now, we opened it and it had a kind of off looking cork, and smelled like port. It was good, but again, had a slightly "turned" quality. Now, as I am new to Maraschino Liqueur, I have a few questions:

1. Is "Heerings" the same thing as Maraschino Liqueur?
2. Is it supposed to have a slightly port-like quality?
3. Does it "turn" and if so, should I gently suggest to my friend that he return to the store and ask for another bottle?


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