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Managed Expectations--where do you fall?


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Managed Expectations--where do you fall?

chowser | Apr 26, 2013 01:02 PM

I was at a dance convention that went well into the night at a hotel and we had two hours for dinner between performances. We decided the best bet was the hotel restaurant--a full fledged restaurant w/ attached bar. There might have been 7-8 tables of people so not busy. We sat for 20 minutes before we were given water and told the server would be right with us. In the meantime, we saw some friends who told us it took them 35 minutes between ordering and getting their food and they had to go to the bar to get their drinks. We decided to tough it out since it was late at night. Another 25 minutes goes by, we're not able to flag anyone so we leave.

I was talking to someone about it afterward who told me I had unrealistic expectations. She said if I were a more experienced business traveler I would know that a hotel restaurant (this was a Marriott, not a small cheap place) would be like that. Were we unrealistic? I wasn't expecting good food and expected to pay a lot. I wasn't expecting to serve myself at the bar and to wait that long but this person was almost rolling her eyes at my reaction. What do you expect in a higher end hotel restaurant?

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