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making sausage with fish sauce


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making sausage with fish sauce

chrisandbetsyc | Oct 10, 2010 10:28 AM

I am a chef and have been stuffing my own sausage for a few years. This week I had to throw away a whole batch because it came out SO bad! I was make a pork sausage with scallion and ginger. Since it was leaning kind of asian, I thought fish sauce would work well. The sausage ground up and mixed great. Stuffing seemed fine as well. I hung the portioned sausage in the smoker and cook it for the usual 2 hours. When I opened the smoker I was surprised to see that some of the casings had split. When I squeeze one it was soft and mushy. I knew at that point I had a problem. I let them cool awhile and when I returned most had completely failed and were all over the bottom of the smoker. I removed what I could and tasted the filling. Chalky, mushy, disgusting. I actually gagged. So heres my question..what the hell happened? Is there an enzyme in fish sauce that breaks down proteins? Does anyone have experience in this area? I know I'll never use fish sauce in my sausage again, I just want to know why now.

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