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Making Mozzarella Cheese Questions:

ajm1555 | Mar 13, 200809:43 AM

I have just starting making Mozzarella Cheese and I have a few questions:

My cheese has the proper consistency, it pulls and stretches well, but it tastes like milk, not fresh mozzarella. I’m using Lipase and whole milk… any idea why?

Is there any benefit to a longer cooking time after the rennet is added and should the curd be cut once and then stirred before moving curds to bowl? New England Cheese Making Supply company says no longer then 5 minutes with heat off, others say almost a half hour over heat. I’m confused here.

Why do some cheese makers hang their Mozz curds for hours? What’s the benefit?

Once the Citric acid is added to the milk and it is slowly heated to 90*, is there any need for the acidic milk to stay at 90* for awhile or can the rennet be added as soon as it hits the proper temp?

Benefit to covering pot after adding rennet or while heating milk?

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