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Help with making english muffins


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Help with making english muffins

Eric_Cartman | Jul 24, 2012 10:09 PM

So I've been comparing 2 different recipes of english muffins, one from the Momofuku cookbook, the other from Alton Brown. My gut tells me to steer clear of a foodnetwork television personality but it has so many successful reviews that im quite drawn to it. There are 3 main differences to their recipes. Alton Brown's recipe calls for non-fat powdered milk, vegetable shortening, and all-purpose flour...the Momofuku one calls for buttermilk, butter and bread flour. Unfortunately, im not sure what would lead to the more desirable results in the ideal english muffin.

Bread Flour(Momofuku) vs. All-Purpose Flour (Alton Brown): This tells me that the Momofuku may have a chewier texture. Not sure how this would impact the signature nooks and crannies in the final product. It also has higher protein content.

Buttermilk (Momofuku) vs. Nonfat Powdered Milk (Alton Brown): The powdered milk may have been used to aid in yeast development. But non-fat may have been used because of its easier to find. How could whole milk powder impact the final product? I actually have Nido Full-Cream Milk Powder available.

Butter (Momofuku) vs. Vegetable Shortening (Alton Brown): Butter would no question give the better taste. So this must deal with texture. But vegetable shortening may have been used in the Alton Brown recipe due to the lack of fat in the nonfat powdered milk his recipe calls for. But thats just speculation.

If this is too much to comment on, I guess my question is...which recipe do you find better? Alton Brown's or Momofuku's? This will be my first attempt on English muffins and I just wanted to do a little research before settling on a recipe.

Alton Brown (If I choose his recipe, I plan on using cornmeal which Alton Brown does not use. I may use whole powdered milk and a higher fat French butter instead but not sure if the results would be inferior):

Momofuku (Only change would be size.Their english muffins are smallish and I would prefer 90 g per english muffin. Plus I would use an english muffin ring rather than have it free form):

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