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Those lying supermarkets: a rant


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Those lying supermarkets: a rant

Howard_2 | Nov 22, 2009 10:22 AM

The supermarkets are such a bunch of bald-faced liars!

One thing in particular really irks me, and that's the way these supermarket ads, and their meat managers, claim that this or that product is "fresh!"

I bought a turkey today. I began by looking at a turkey that was advertised as "fresh", but which was still frozen solid in parts. One meat dept employee told me (perhaps speaking truth that he had not been trained not to speak) that these turkeys came in frozen, but were defrosted, thus sold as "fresh". Then he thought better of it and decided he'd better get the meat manager.

That gentleman repeated what the first had said, adding that the turkeys were "slightly frozen, chilled down to 26 degrees." When I pointed out that 26 was below 32, and thus qualified as freezing, he mentioned a couple of other brands that he said were not frozen.

I bought one of them, but when I opened the plastic, a *lot* of liquid drained out. There is only one place that liquid could have come from: it was released after this turkey was frozen (to some degree) and then defrosted.

I've noticed this before in other meat, poultry or fish products. I wish the supermarkets would be honest about this. After all, they have plenty of undiscriminating customers who don't care if a product has been frozen.

But I try to make it a policy never to buy any meat/fish/poultry product that's been frozen, because my experience has been that once you freeze them, they lost a lot of taste, compared to a never-frozen product.

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