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Luxury Sangria for a party / bbq

Dapuma | Apr 4, 201211:04 PM

I just went through a lot of threads for different recipes - and that got me no where

Basically my head was/is spinning

It is going to be for a pool party / bbq and i will be making some more exotic mixed drinks - navy grog / pina colada / mojitios / tortuga (yum)

I was going to make bellini's as my "quick" drink however the mrs. has decided she would prefer sangria

She prefer 's red sangria - i would prefer to not put in lemon lime soda or anything with a lot of chemicals in it rather using sugar or simple / rock syrup, i don't mind marinating the fruit overnight if it will be better the next day and i have a lot of exotic liquors for making tiki drinks i.e. licor 43, cointreau, falernum, grand mariner, etc basically if you can think of it i probably have it SO

The question is what is a good recipe for this request and more specifically
what Specific wine (probably just pick up something at total wine or bevmo so points if it is a wine they normally carry) should i go with and i need to get more brandy , ej's is going to ruin anything it touches so what is a decent brandy (and i may ask the spirts forum this) that will work to cook with and not taste horrible to drink with - i generally don't drink brandy we only have it for cooking / baking and when the occasional tiki drink calls for some

Ok i tried to be as specific as I could - fire away :)

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