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What I liked, what I didn't . Long


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What I liked, what I didn't . Long

Marilayne | Mar 31, 2002 10:54 AM

My teen dtr. and I just spent spring break in NYC.
Since it was her first trip we had to cover a lot and
be on somewhat of a budget

I love Joe's Shanghai. I know there are other places nearby but I've had a Jones for soup dumplings for two years. We were seated at a table with a dad, his son and a friend of his sons. I enjoy this table sharing because you meet and mingle with the locals. They all helped teach my dtr. how to use chopsticks
which I have been unable to do. The crab dumplings were divine. It was fun showing dtr. how to eat them. The Shanghai noodles were thick not greasy
with bits of pork and a green leaf veggie. The pea shoots were tender young and delicious.

The fried dumplings on Allen street were a good snack, 5\$1.00. We call them Potstickers in California.

Something to be careful of (I found out later) small Indian Restaurants aren’t always open when they say. Wanted to go to Haveli but it was closed. Went to Baluchi’s instead and was disappointed. There was a 50% off sign outside so I thought maybe some small businesses were hurting from decrease in tourism so I thought it would be good to do my part. Poppadums were light and crispy and the Nan was soft and chewy, so far so good.
My dtr. enjoyed her Chicken Tikka Masala, I thought there was overkill with the
cream addition drowning out the other flavors. I knew my Lamb Vindaloo was going to be hot and spicy but once again the heat overpowered the other spices and made the Chana Masala almost untasteable (I think I made that word up). Ordered 2 bowls of
rice and 2 cokes. My shock came with the bill. $9.00 for 2 cokes and $15.90 for two bowls of rice? Give me a break! No wonder the sign outside was half off. Would not recommend Baluchi’s for food or price.

We also ate at Babbo. Although there were some good dishes it didn't blow me away as Po did two years earlier. For apps. She had Neci with mushrooms and radicchio which was great and I had warm lambs tongue salad with 3 min. egg. Maybe I don't like lambs tongue but it tasted gamey, slightly off. The Beef Cheek Ravioli was rich and pasta very good. My daughter order the calamari for a main which she didn't like and I the pork tenderloin which I thought there was nothing to it, so we switched. The calamari was good not great; it reminded me of I've had that was better.
It wasn't noisy and the service was good. I just was
not as impressed as the things I've read.

Loved the Lobster bisque (country style) from Soup Kitchen International as a quick lunch.

The Clam pie at Lombardi’s was good; the crust not to thin and chewy but the pie was a little dry, not like eating linguini and clams with a pizza crust instead of pasta.

Thanks to those who suggested Jubilee for French food. It was delightful and delicious. The Escargot with Porcini was buttery and tender and the Chevre Salad with Eggplant Caviar was divine. My dtr. who doesn’t like eggplant loved this dish. My Steak Au Poirve with frittes was cooked perfectly and the Rabbit (can’t remember the whole title)
in a rich creamy sauce was wonderful.I Definitely would recommend Jubilee.

Thanks to all who post . I'll be back!

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