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Do lentils become carbs?

luckyfatima | Feb 4, 200809:44 PM

I usually think of lentils as protein (like if I eat them with rice as daal or whatever), but I know they have some carb content somehow as well. but there are some ways to prepare lentils that makes them seem very carby. For example, there is this Gujarati snack called dhokla that involves overnight soaking of yellow lentils (chana daal or sometimes some other types of daal) and then grinding them to a paste and then steaming the paste into fluffy cakes, then seasoning. It seems so "bready." Is it still a protein at this stage? And then there are bhallas (aka vadas) which are the same process of soaking another type of daal, fermenting and grinding but then deep frying the paste. Also, like chick peas are protein, but you can make a lot of things from chickpea flour (besan) like pakoras and all. Is the flour purely a carb? What about when the chickpeas are ground up for hummus?

So when I change the texture of the lentils, do they become pure carbs?

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