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Left the potato starter out - I'm in the doghouse!


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Left the potato starter out - I'm in the doghouse!

Jibe | Jan 4, 2004 09:28 AM

Need help & opinions regarding starter for bread.

Over the holidays my wife has been trying to cultivate a batch of potato starter from scratch for making bread. Its basically a mixture of instant potato flakes, sugar, and water. Well its been around the house for about 3 weeks now, and just the other day it started bubbling and doing the things its supposed to do. Yesterday she formed some rolls and bread, which is now rising (with limited success), and she saved a little of it to keep in the fridge as a starter for future batches.
Now - my problem: Last night while shifting some things around in the fridge, I pulled the starter out and left it on the counter overnight. When my wife found it this morning, she was "quite unhappy" with me, telling me that I had ruined the starter. My question - is this true? Since this is sort of a living, growing biology experiment, did the few hours out of the fridge actually harm the starter? What's the verdict? HELP!

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