Le Creuset Skillet issues - hoping for tips or help...


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Le Creuset Skillet issues - hoping for tips or help...

kscooley | May 13, 2010 04:57 PM

Hi all!

New to posting on the forums, though I've lurked a bit. :) I've tried doing a search on my issue, but have come up with nothing. Hoping that some of you will either have helpful tips or suggestions for my problem.

I have an 11.75" LC skillet, as well as a 7.25 QT round French oven. I love the oven, but the skillet has seemed a bit lackluster.

* I run into a hot spot issue, where the food in the center of the pan cooks much faster than the food around the perimeter. If I adjust the flame, then I'm cooking way too high a temp for the LC.

* I'm also trying to figure out what I can do to make it more non-stick. Do I need to use a lot of oil to have the food not stick to the pan? I already know to let the meat cook for ~3 minutes before moving it. I do this in my All Clad skillet and never have any issues with sticking.

* The manual states that over time, a patina will develop. I've had the skillet for over a year and nothing seems to be happening. I do know what a patina should look like, as my parents have cast iron skillets (not LC).

Any tips, hints or suggestions? Should I try to season the pan, despite the enamel finish? Cook on a lower setting than medium?

Thanks for anything you can answer. Much appreciated. :)


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