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Le Creuset Grill Pan smoked the whole house

winzee | Mar 5, 2017 09:19 AM

Hey guys!

I've got a Le Creuset Grill Pan and I use it to cook my steak after Sous vide. My whole house gets smoked out. It doesn't happen when I use a normal flat Le Creuset Pan.

I use canola oil for its high smoking point and only pepper the steak after cooking it (for fear of the black pepper burning).

My typical process
1) sous vide at 55 degC
2) remove from bag, add canola oil on steak then add salt
3) heat the Grill Pan on medium for a few minutes, then add canola oil
4) add steak, then turn it 90deg after 1-2 mins
(I noticed that when I first add the steak, it sears nice, but subsequent turns take much longer)
5) do the same for the other side of he steak
6) remove steak, rest then sprinkle black pepper
7) add in another steak (do I have to wash the Grill Pan before adding another steak or can I just use the existing Grill Pan with the burnt bits?)

Any idea what's the cause of the smoke?
1) oil?
2) steak left too long on one side?
3) burnt bits on Grill Pan, and it continues burning and smoking

Thanks in advance!

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