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Language and Dining Out [moved from General Topics]

chartreauxx | Sep 3, 2012 10:10 PM

Within the United States, there are many, many ethnic restaurants from around the world. Lots of these are owned, staffed, and/or operated by natives of the country whose cuisine they're serving.

When dining at one of these places, do you think that speaking the language (as a general rule - obviously, there's no 100% universal reality) makes a difference in the experience (food quality, food variety/options available, service, etc) for better or worse - or does it not make a difference either way?

Do you think some cuisines/nationalities are more influenced by a patron (visibly NOT of the nationality/ethnicity in question) speaking to them in their own language than others?

Do you think it's cool, or disrespectful, or rude, or otherwise, when such a patron begins speaking to staff in the native language? Under what circumstances do you find it one way or another? Discuss!!!

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