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Lake MI Salmon

lak805 | Jul 13, 2005 01:01 PM

Help! Is my husband trying to poison me?

My husband and his pals have begun fishing on Lake MI in NW Indiana and NE Michigan (between Michigan City and New Buffalo, MI area). They charter a fishing boat and bring back many steelhead and koho salmon. Much to my surprise, these weekend warriors want to eat these fish that have been swimming in Lake Michigan water near the steel mills. Are they safe to eat?

One of my friends' mother told me a story several years ago that she took some salmon that was caught in Lake MI through the metal detectors at O'Hare (en route to their FL home for the holidays)and the metal detectors went off. She concluded it was from the mercury in the fish. Because this happenend years ago, I am wagering that mercury levels have increased.

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