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La Michoacana - Vallejo's Newest Ice Cream/Paleta/Bakery Place


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La Michoacana - Vallejo's Newest Ice Cream/Paleta/Bakery Place

josquared | Sep 2, 2006 04:08 AM

Yes, it confused me a bit when I drove by it the first time last week. I knew that this is also a brand name of frozen treats you find in Mexican markets. However, a newspaper article confirmed that a new business with this name had opened up along this stretch of Broadway, so I decided to stop by today.

Despite exterior appearances, the interior is fairly roomy and makes the place look like they had just moved-in, which in fact they are. Hand-written signs and labels detailing the flavors are posted on the walls, main counter, and bakery stand, which also kinda' fits in with the store, where everything is made in-house.

After passing by what looked to be some yummy bakery goods, I went to sample some of the ice cream. I sampled the tuna (no, not the fish - it's actually cactus fruit) - I found it rough-hewn in texture with a pleasant but somewhat subtle taste I've never experienced before. I wanted something a little more distinct today, so after more sampling, I went for a scoop of the mango and the peaches & cream ($2.70). The pleasant young woman manning the counter (I'm guessing it's a daughter of the owner) explained that certain flavors were made from milk while others were made from water, and that there were even some sugar-free flavors available.

I sampled the mango first - it definitely didn't have that waxy mouthfeel that's a turnoff for some, like in the Mitchell's version that I'm familiar with. I found ample chunks of fruit within, though I wished the mango was just a touch sweeter. These comments also held true for the peaches & cream. They have sundae type toppings available as well if you so desire.

I bought two paletas ($1.50 ea) to bring home - coconut and pineapple. My nieces were over, and they got to sample them with me, and we all reached the same verdict for both of them: "Tastes like (insert the flavor here)." The tops of the paletas were icy but flavorful; the bottoms were populated by lots of chunks of the respective flavors.

The pineapple left that certain tart feeling in my mouth that you get after eating fresh pineapple, and I really dug the coconut - great flavor and texture to the chunks surrounded by ice goodness.

A chocolate coating for $.50 extra is an option for your paletas if that's what tickles your fancy.

I hope that September and October are warm months - it'll give me and others good excuse to further sample and help along what seems to be a promising venture.

La Michoacana Ice Cream & Bakery
504 Broadway
Vallejo, CA
Hours: 7 am - 8 pm daily

Vallejo Times-Herald article:

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