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Kroepoek... or why is "Chinese" food different in various countries?

linguafood | Feb 14, 2008 01:26 PM

So here's a question perhaps some Chinese-Americans may (or may not) be able to answer.

Having grown up in Germany, every single Chinese resto I have ever been to offers kroepoek (deep fried shrimp chips, basically) in the appetizer section of the menu, but I've never seen it in the US. I guess the spelling indicates that this may not be a *traditional* Chinese dish (sounds Indonesian to me), and -- as many CH have pointed out -- national cuisines tend to assimilate or cater to the countries they are transplanted to. However, that still wouldn't explain kroepoek, as there's nothing German about it.

I find that the equivalent in Chinese restos (and by equivalent I mean the prevalence of the dish, absolutely NOT in taste) here in the US seems to be fried noodles, or crunchy/crispy noodles, or whatever you would like to call that tasteless morsel of fried dough.

Does kroepoek exist in Canada? Or does one have to look into other cuisines than Chinese?

Big question mark.

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