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"The Kitchen" on Queen - Die Yuppie Scum

Postscripted | Feb 29, 2008 06:34 AM

The Condo Crowd is easy to please, apparently.

They'll settle for small dishes or apartments and willing to shell out unreasonable amounts of money for it.

Like hawks praying on a corpse in the desert, new places open on West Queen West, setting foot and waiting for the condos to pop, and hopefully bringing in customers with no soul. At least food-wise.

This is the case with "The Kitchen" -
a place that opened 2 months ago on the corner of Queen and Northcote.
Starting with a name that's ungooglebale (nice business desicion, yuppie douchebags)
the place is just trying too hard to be Drakier-then-thou:
Roped entrance complete with bouncer - check.
Big Screen LCD's hanging above the bar - check.
$8 glass of wine, poured CHEAPLY - check.
Waitress with short skirt and clevage as deep as the pockets of potential clinets - check.
Overpriced small dishes - Yeah, I know its a Tapas place - check !

5 of us shared some plates. The ribs were fine,
and I think that the only thing positive about the dinner:
The deep-fried-somethings sereved with the dips were oily as hell.
The dips tasted OLD. The bread we ordered instead of those hardened deep-fried crackers
was "toasted' on open fire, not in an oven god forbid - this is hell's kitchen after all.
And some of it was BURNT.

The sauasage was like something found in the back of a Dundas St. Butchery fridge,
then heated and covered in a futile attempt for a tomato sauce.

The "Tri Colored Fries" was only one color - charcoal; looking like what the cook
shelled out of the bottom of the frier,
they were served in a dish that resembled a miniature urinal.

The bill was $120, including drinks. Not cheap, not expensive, but the food was mediocre
at best, and if that's what coming out of "The Kitchen", I don't even want to see the rest of the house.

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