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Ketchup with Prime Rib??!!??

Diane in Bexley | Feb 26, 200806:21 AM

Just curious how other CHs feel about this - had fam over for dinner last night for rare mid week dinner but it was Bday for family member. The butcher had rib roast on terrific special ($5.99/lb with bones!) and ordered big roast thinking this would be great tasting and easy to make on work day. Roast turned out very delectable, lots of garlic, crusty on outside, perfectly med rare inside. A little tension ensued over 4 bones and 6 diners. Anyway, the niece asked for ketchup with her prime rib and proceeded to drown my beautiful roast in the red glop. Honest to goodness, did not say anything negative to her but my face must have given away my feelings. What do you do when your guests ruin your meal with ketchup, mustard, other condiments that detract from the main event? How do you convince an almost 21 yo that not everything needs to be doused with red sauce to be consumed? What would you have done?

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