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Ken’s Steak House Lite Accents one-calorie salad sprays

rworange | Jan 1, 200806:05 PM

Finally Wishbone Salad Spritzer’s has some competition.

It seems that Ken’s just placed some of the regular salad dressings in a spray bottle. So if you are a fan of Ken’s you will like these.

Whle the spray of dressing is thicker than Wishbone, I like the ingredient list better. They don’t use HFCS. Two of them have regular corn syrup. The other three have regular sugar or brown sugar.

Surprisingly I liked them in reverse order than I expected.

I liked the Asian Vinaigrette the best. This has brown sugar in it and doesn’t have the off-putting, to me, taste of many Asian dressings.

While I tend to avoid ANY dressing with raspberry in it …one of the disgraces of the 20th century … this was actually pretty good. The walnut oil in it balanced the raspberry taste.

I hate the Italian. It tastes like every bottled Italian dressing which has an objectionable taste to me.

Here’s a link to someone who liked the Honey Mustard (scroll down)

Like that blogger mentions, I’m also surprised so few companies picked up on the spray concept. It has been a decade or more since I’ve bought bottled dressing yet the appeal of the low calorie spray without artificial sweeteners made a customer out of me.

Lite Accents Asian Vinaigrette

Lite Accents Balsamic Vinaigrette

Lite Accents Honey Mustard

Lite Accents Italian Vinaigrette


Lite Accents Raspberry Walnut Vinaigrette


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