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When I try to make katsudon something goes wrong


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When I try to make katsudon something goes wrong

ben f | Sep 11, 2002 12:11 PM

(sorry for the long subject line)

So I'm quite possibly the biggest fan of katsudon around, although i've never had it in a restaurant. One of my coworkers and I trade off making dinner periodically and she makes it with some degree of frequency.

I've watched her make it AND had her explain the process for me.

But for some reason every time I've tried making it on my own it doesn't turn out. Specifically: I cut up my onion, simmer it in a little broth (I use whatever this coworker gave me, I have no idea what it actually is) until soft, add cut up fried pork cutlets, and then add the beaten egg (all while cooking in the pan).

For some reason the egg spongifies, soaking up the cooking liquid and chunking into inedible globs of salty eggy grossness.

anyone have any suggestions? It seems like maybe I'm using too high a heat or too much liquid or something, but I'm pretty much stumped and I don't really fry enough pork to make a big experiment out of this.


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