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4th of July

July 4th - peas and salmon, Pat?


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July 4th - peas and salmon, Pat?

kc girl | Jul 4, 2003 03:15 PM

I had never heard of peas and salmon for 4th of July before. So, I googled. Can anyone add their knowledge of the salmon and peas story?

Found this.

“Peas grow best in cool spring weather. . . . come the heat of summer, they stop producing a good crop. Traditionally, on July 4th, one serves salmon with fresh picked peas.”

In “the Great Depression of the 1930s -- . . . Creaming foods stretched the quantity. Church suppers featured creamed salmon with peas served on mashed potato.”

Just a note, before I googled, I had to make a salad for the party this afternoon. I looked around in the kitchen so I didn’t have to go to the store. Thinking salmon and peas, this is what I could make with ingredients I had on hand. (I don't know what to name it) (I liked the flavors and will get opinions later).

1 16 oz. Pkg Rad-Na noodles (Wheat free) (Rice flour linguine, I guess)
1 pkg. Pacific Supreme Smoked Atlantic salmon fillet (very moist, oily)
½ pkg. Wasabi peas (from Trader Joe’s) (dried peas covered in a coating of wasabi - hot)
½ pkg. Trader Joe’s Japanese sea scallops (about 15 large)
a little garlic oil
1 TB Thai Seasoning blend

Thanks for the inspiration, Pat.


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