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Jujubes are great !!! - The fruit not the candy


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Jujubes are great !!! - The fruit not the candy

rworange | Sep 29, 2005 07:30 PM

Although that's not to say that the candy, called the official snack of the Dental Association, are not tasty.

I tried fresh jujubes for the first time today. They have a taste to me like a mild sikle pear.

Looking up jujubes on the web it seems that they are better prepared than raw. The link below says that they are better used as part of a dessert. The writer planned to use them in a stuffing for his Thanksgiving turkey.

Then from another place I learned there are quite a few varieties including a tart Thai version. So, anyone have a favorite variety of jujube? What do you look for when buying them fresh ... the green ones, brown ones, shriveled ones? I read that it is best when they are left to dry on the tree rather than after being picked.

Not asking for recipes, but how do you like to eat these? Any more info would be appreciated as this is new to me.

I understand they are high in vitamin C and jujube tea is good for a sore throat.

More about jujubes:


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