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Jucy Lucy at Home on the Grill [Split from "JFood's Nook (MSP) Experience" on Midwest Board]


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Jucy Lucy at Home on the Grill [Split from "JFood's Nook (MSP) Experience" on Midwest Board]

jfood | Jun 23, 2009 02:40 PM

[This post was split by the Chowhound Team from this thread http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/6262...]

Jfood was at home last night and wanted to try making his own JL. on the grill.

He bought a package of chuck (80-20) about 3/4# and made four flat burgers. Then he took a slice of american cheese and quartered it (gave one slice to the pups, thank you very much) and placed a second burger on top. He crimped the ends like he was making a pie. Once the grill was ready he placed on it for three minutes, flipped, threw some caramelized onions on top, three minutes on side two and onto a paper towel to drain a bit. Nicely charred on the outside. Placed each of them on a bun and topped with some heinz 57.

Over to the dinner table and jfood wondered if the cheese melted.

He bit into the first burger and it was like a cheese howitzer coming out of the center. Melted cheese shot over jfood's left shoulder. As he looked down he saw that not all of the cheese cleared the height. His left shoulder had collateral damage and his left thigh had a bit of melted cheese and ketchup. Good news / bad news. Good news is that it melted, bad news it was not going to be part of burger #1. Meantime pups is busy cleaning up the cheese off the floor, very happy. Burger #2 and jfood was real careful biting into this one. All the cheese stayed in place, whew. And the caramelized onions were awesome.

The burger itself was charred on the outside, still pink on the inside and the cheese was melted. Now the cheese itself was a plain old american deli slice (Boars Head) which was not as flavorful as the Nook or Matt's. Jfood will have to try some different cheeses in the future but the technique is there.

This is like a freakin' obsession. Extra bananas sitting on the counter and now jfood has to make some homemade banana ice cream tonight.

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