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The joys of a (good) ice cream maker...


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The joys of a (good) ice cream maker...

Dylan | May 19, 2004 10:15 PM

I finally fired up a Simac Geltaio Magnum ice cream maker that had been gathering dust for a few years in my closet (actually, I'd lost the churning paddle and it took three years to convince myself it was worthing paying $30 to replace a flimsy piece of plastic). The Gelataio is a premium ice cream maker (it retailed for about $400 when I bought it), it has a built in freezer so you don't need to mess around with keeping annoying cylinders in your freezer a la Donvier. (To the chowcensors, no this post is not really about the piece of equipment itself, but rather about what one can do with the equipment, as you will see below, thus hopefully it is acceptable for this board.)

The neat thing about this piece of equipment is that you can throw just about any liquid into it and produce a respectable gelato/sorbet/ice cream. My first experiment was to make iice cream without a recipe. I threw together some milk, cream, egg yolks, sugar, espresso, milk powder, and vanilla (no measuring required - just do it to taste!)in a put, brought it to a quick boil (yes a boil!) to thicken it, strained the mixture through a fine strainer to get out the cooked egg bits from my decidedly inelegant mixing process, added some chopped up bits of Valrhona Guarana (sp?), and threw it in the machine for some delicious capuccino chip ice cream.... [Incidentally, I added the milk powder because most Italian gelato recipes I have seen call for it, apparently it makes the gelato smoother.]

Then I got bored and threw a can of coke into the machine and made a Coke slushy. It worked OK but you need to remember that a frozen soda doesn't taste as sweet as a liquid soda.

Then I was in the mood for a mango lassi, so I combined mango puree and low fat yogurt - dumped it in the machine for an excellent mango frozen yogurt.

Then it was time for some drinking. I took equal parts Charbay grapefruit vodka and grapefruit juice, dumped it in the machine, and made the most delicious, intense grapefruit daquiri you've ever had.

So, a pretty neat machine. Does anyone else have creative ice cream/sorbet recipes (preferably something that doesn't really require a recipe - I prefer to throw things together...)

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