Jonathan Waxman on tin-lined copper pans


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Jonathan Waxman on tin-lined copper pans

aguy239 | Apr 8, 2011 03:40 PM

Hello everyone,

I was avidly reading Jonathan Waxman's new book 'Italian, My Way' and was brought up short by the following line, when discussing his preference for copper pans:

"Please, don't by copper pans that are tin-lined; the "tin" is al lead, which is bad"

I was shocked. I have a dozen Dehillerin tin-lined copper pans, and one Ruffoni risotto pan, again tin-lined, and I use them every day.

Can some expert hounds enlighten us on this? Are even the best tin-lined copper pans, such as Dehillerin and Ruffoni, really lined with some alloy involving lead?

I would be devastated if this were true. But I have to assume that, prima facie, Jonathan Waxman knows what he is talking about.

So? What do we think?

Sean Dell

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