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Hello fellow hounds, hoping to get some advice/feedback for an upcoming two week trip to Japan planned for mid-April. My wife and I visited Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto 10 years ago so while we’ve visited Japan before, this trip figures to be much different as we’ll be joined by our two children (1 and 3) and my in-laws. For this post I’ll focus on the Tokyo portion of our trip and will be staying at an Airbnb in Takadanobaba, close to that and the Waseda and Nishi Waseda stations. Aside from a meal or two, we’re planning on eating with the everyone together.

Like many posters before me, I’m interested in eating well even with children. I know that rules out many of the exclusive counter-only restaurants but also don’t want to be relegated to department stores and family restaurants. I’ve done a bit of research and have heavily relied on the information provided by tabelog on whether particular restaurants accept children. As for reservations, I’ll attempt to use my Visa Signature concierge (doubt they will be any help) and am curious about JPNEAZY (Kyubey). Is this itinerary too ambitious? Probably. Will I have to make adjustments? Definitely, but this is a starting point and any and all feedback is appreciated in advance!

Day 1 – Friday:
- Check into Airbnb
- Dinner at Kyourakutei – soba and tempura
- Dessert at Kinozen – matcha bavarian cream. A few minutes’ walk from Kyourakutei, was interested in visiting after watching the Kintaro episode on Netflix.

Day 2 – Saturday:
- Between the inevitable jetlag that is bound to hit us, combined with Tokyo’s late opening times (compared to NYC), figured we’d start the day by visiting Senso ji in Asakusa.
- Coffee at Fuglen Asakusa (opens at 7 AM)
- Breakfast at Kagetsudo (opens at 9 AM) – melonpan
- Lunch at Ginza Kyubey – With the kids, not planning on any ”high end” sushi, but read that Kyubey is both child and foreign friendly, so this may be as good as it gets for us during this trip.
- Snack at Rituel and/or Pierre Herme Nihonbashi then return and relax.
- Early evening coffee at Onibus (Nakameguro)
- Dinner at Kushiwakamaru – yakitori
- Explore Meguro river – Mid April might be past sakura season, but the river should be illuminated.
- Dessert at Silkream (Shibuya). Closes at 8 PM so may have to table this depending on time. Alternative would be to pick up a cake/pastry at Criollo which closes at 8 PM but is located in Nakameguro.
- Magnet by Shibuya 109 Roof – new rooftop view of Shibuya scramble. We did the second floor of the Starbucks on our last trip but this seems like a nice alternative.

Day 3 – Sunday:
- JR to Shibuya station and get a picture with Hachiko.
- Breakfast at VIRON – pastries
- Walk through Yoyogi Park and see Meji Shrine
- Exit park at Harajuku and walk through Takeshita dori
- Coffee at Memenya Koffee
- Lunch at Butagumi – tonkatsu
- Snack at Bricolage Bread
- Walk around Roppongi Hills then return and relax.
- Dessert at Haimuru Coffee – Kakigori. Shop closes at 6:30 PM so would have to eat this first before dinner.
- Dinner at Yakiniku Shimizu – yakiniku

Day 4 – Monday:
- Tokyo Disneyland

Day 5 – Tuesday:
- Even though the inner market and tuna auction moved, I’ve read and believe the Tsukiji outer market is still worthy of a visit. Wife and I did the whole tuna auction and sushi dai combo on our first visit and while unique, have not read anything remotely positive about the new location other than being labeled “sterile.”
- Coffee at Turret Coffee (7 AM)
- Explore and snack around various stalls in the outer market.
- Breakfast at Sushi Kuni – kaisendon.
- teamLab Borderless exibit
- Late lunch at either Tanaka Shoten or Kyurin in DiverCity – ramen
- Dinner at Pizza Studio Tamaki – pizza
- Tokyo City View and Sky Deck – interested in a night view of Tokyo with the illuminated tower, which Sky Tree does not offer.

Day 6 – Wednesday:
- Breakfast at Rituel
- Sign up for dessert at Kouriya Peace
- Studio Ghibli museum
- Lunch at Satou Steak - steak
- Dessert at Kouriya Peace – kakigori
- Walk around Gyoen Park.
- Dinner at Nodaiwa – unagi
- Souvenir shopping at Don Quijote

Day 7 – Thursday:
- Leave Airbnb
- Breakfast at Rokurnsha
- Pick up bento at Ekebenya Matsuri
- Shinkansen to Kyoto

Other misc:
- This itinerary assume optimal conditions (weather, children, etc). That said, I have backups/alternatives for all the restaurants and some alternatives near our Airbnb: yakitori – Hachiman, pizza – Savoy, unagi – Aikawa, tempura – Takashichi, ramen – Yamaguchi, tonkatsu – Maisen, yakiniku – Ushigoro, soba – Namiki Yabu Soba.
- Our one planned meal sans children will hopefully be Den and some “cocktails” at Gen Yamamoto.
- Curious about the tea tasting at Sakurai Tea Experience in Omontesando.
- Doubtful, but tempted to attempt to get a return reservation ticket at Narikura since we’re staying nearby.

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