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jane report (long)

redbecca | Jun 19, 2004 12:56 AM

After reading positive comments here, some friends and I tried out Jane for a late night dinner on Friday. It was a pleasant atmosphere, if a bit loud. The cocktails at $11/piece were mostly good, but expensive. ( we sent one back and they comped a different drink, so yes, very nice service).
The food I had was a flounder w/shrimp and pea risotto at $19.00. The fish on the outside was crispy and buttery - very nice, so perfectly seared! on the inside? i tend to prefer my fish a bit on the rarer side - I found this one a too dry. The risotto's texture was very nice, the shrimp were perfectly cooked, the tomatoes were delicious -- but all of it was way over-salted -and this was the factor that spoiled what otherwise was a nice dish.
I think pricey restaurants often oversalt -- I don't know what causes the loose salt shaker, but it's a serious bummer. ( When I worked in a high end restaurant, I used to joke that because the fish all had my sweat on it - no joke in a 130 degree kitchen when you're working a flame grill and hand arranging things in a haute cuisine manner - throwing salt around was really not a good idea. And in general, I'd say, risotto should NEVER be salted, because broth is salty enough as it is - and cheese, well...)
So, while I enjoyed the place, the service, and the general experience, I'd have to say that for a $50/person meal, one can do better (Jarnac came in at a comparable price tag for *much* better food, Spice Market, despite some hatred here, is also better, more inventive, and similarily priced, although the portions are smaller.)

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