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ISO a method to make Korean Eomuk for stir fry

SunnyDC | Jul 10, 201510:57 AM

I love, love, love me some fishcakes, no matter how they're made. But some Korean restaurants will bring you eomuk formed into strips (think slightly oversized bamboo shoot shape) and stir fried, and those are The Best. I have a good, solid, and tweakable recipe for the fish cakes themselves, but it's meant to be fried. I'm wondering if there is an efficient way to form them into strips like the banchan versions and steam them? The dough/batter I make lacks the consistency to do this, at least in my experience so far. Or maybe it's meant to be fried, then stir fried, but I don't really want to go there... I like it without the "crust" (and extra fat). I have attached of the end result I'm after, though these were made with store-bought fish cakes. Thanks in advance for suggestions!

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