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ISO Amazing Coffee for Home

doc_k55 | Oct 4, 201104:51 AM

I love coffee.

Not a little, but a lot. When I think back on some of my favorite experiences they are even better when I can say "And the coffee was fantastic!"

I don't care for Starbucks, though I'll drink it in moments of desperation. I think the regular roast is too dark - almost burned. But most places serve way too light a roast, and still more leave a lot of the dud beans in the blend so the coffee has off flavors.

I've been buying my coffee out of state for the past ten years - at a place near where I grew up. Unfortunately they just changed their roast and it is a) not as dark b) has more of the duds in it and c) is just mediocre. Sadly, I bought 6 lbs of it. Anyway. I need to find another coffee.

I live in mid/lower Westchester. Scarsdale, White Plains, Edgemont, Hartsdale, Northern New Rochelle - all really convenient. I'm on a desperate hunt. For the record I've had the coffee from Balducci's (not impressed) and from Zabar's (better than Balducci's, but it didn't bowl me over). Surprisingly liked the Elite Turkish Coffee blend that can be purchased in the market, but would prefer to find something I can buy fresh. I'm providing this information so you know what I"m looking for - a delicious, medium to dark roast that can be brewed as a strong cup and will be delicious.

Please throw out suggestions!

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