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Next Iron Chef 3 (Ep. 1) [SPOILER]


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Next Iron Chef 3 (Ep. 1) [SPOILER]

dave_c | Oct 4, 2010 09:02 AM

I'll kick this post off with "Who is being replaced? Do we really need another Iron Chef?"

Theme: Ingenuity

Marco Canora
Bryan Caswell
Maneet Chauhan
Mary Dumont
Duskie Estes
Marc Forgione
Andrew Kirschner
Mario Pagán
Celina Tio
Ming Tsai

Mini-interviews... Chefs are stating Ming Tsai is their biggest competition.

Quickfire Challenge - The secret ingredient is Bread! [Look to the right with swishing sound]. Using ingenuity, 30 minutes to make a sandwich. The usual drill... the sandwich should represent your culinary philosophy.

Judges - The twist, the other chefs.
What's up with Chef Estes voting for her own sandwich! That's quite a move.
She wins the sandwich competition and an advatange - 5 extra minutes for the elimination challenge.

Elimination Challenge - If you're stranded on a desert island, what one ingredient would you want?
The challenge is to cook a meal at the beach. Their heat source looks like the Big Green Egg with hardwood lump charcoal.

Their ingredients (the one's that I remember)...
Marco Canora
Bryan Caswell
Maneet Chauhan - Turkey
Mary Dumont - Corn
Duskie Estes - Suckling Pig
Marc Forgione
Andrew Kirschner - Duck
Mario Pagán - Limes
Celina Tio - Corn
Ming Tsai - Suckling Pig

Michael Symon
Dontella Arapia
Simon Majumdar

Chef Kirschner roast a jalapeno. He has a hard time lighting his Donatella bites into the pepper before Kirschner can warn her about the heat. She's overwhelmed.

Chef Estes has a suckling pig, but plates a skewer with only two or three small cubes of pork. She had the five minute advantage where she grabbed seafood. She ends up bottom three. Karma?

Winner: Chef Tsai
Eliminated: Andrew Kirschner

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