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Introducing myself to Seafood, or hi, how do you do?


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Introducing myself to Seafood, or hi, how do you do?

femmenikita | Aug 15, 2007 01:01 PM

I have been, for the most part, vegetarian for 11 years. The thing is, I really want to try eating seafood regularly. I know that it is a healthy, lean source of protein, high in omegas, etc., and for some reason I don't feel too badly for fish (anyone who has owned them knows they are not the brightest of creatures), so I think I'll give it a whirl. Problem is, I haven't tasted much seafood since I was in my teen years. With the exception of some fish flakes in asian soups/dressings, and bites of sashimi at some local fine dining restaurants, I am pretty much a seafood dunce. My family was just not one for seafood. They prepared things like salmon, or tuna or shark steaks, and we had smoked ciscoes and anchovies, for example, but I have never in my life tasted (nor seen anyone in my family eat) shellfish or a wide variety of fish. So bottom line is, how do I ease into seafood? Is there a list of "gateway" fish out there? Any vegetarians out there who have also decided to incorporate fish? I love Japanese food, so non-threatening Japanese suggestions would be great, but I am open to pretty much any seafood in any preparation, either prepared at home or ordered at a restaurant....with one exception: I don't think I am ready for crustacea... I hate to not have an open mind, but to me these are "roaches of the sea," bottom feeding scavengers, I figure that other seafood is probably healthier for me anyway. Mollusks are ok. Is this a tall order? Suggestions from seafood lovin' chowhounds much appreciated.

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