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Introducing New Conversation Types


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Introducing New Conversation Types

Jacquilynne | Jul 25, 2014 10:09 AM

(Note: We've started a new Feedback thread for further discussion of the new Conversation types: )

Tens of thousands of users visit Chohwhound every day to talk, debate, and exchange ideas about great food, recipes, and restaurants. We have always offered a spot to start or join a discussion, and today we’re introducing three new post types to help inspire your conversations: Photo Stories, Q&A, and Links.

New: Post directly from the Chowhound homepage

If you’re new to CHOW, we’d recommend you start on the Chowhound homepage. There we’ve added a new module that will let you choose the post type you’d like to create. Simply fill in the required fields, add a photo if you have one, and select a board before you post. Now, for more about each post type...

Photo Stories: A Better Way to Post Photos on Chow

Photo Stories make it much easier to share multiple photos with the community. With one photo or many, you can share your home cooking tips, a tasting menu, a clever cocktail creation, and more. Your photos are displayed in an easy-to-view list format, and can even be numbered for step-by-step creations.

Q&A: Ask a Question, Get an Answer

Q&A is designed for quick questions, with the best answers voted up by the community. While many topics are a better fit for in-depth discussion, Q&A is aimed at delivering answers (either fact or opinion) in a timely fashion.

Link: Kick off the Conversation

Kicking off a conversation with a link is very popular on Chowhound. This feature makes it easier to share great recipes, articles, and content from other sources. It will automatically pull in titles and descriptions from the shared link and render them in a beautiful way that will make the reader want to know more about the shared content.

New: Improved Reply Design + Longer Edit Window

As you dive into the replies on any post, you’ll notice some changes. First, we’ve moved the Recommend action to the right side of each reply, simplifying it to a heart icon. Next, you’ll now find the permanent link to any reply by clicking on the post timestamp. Finally, we’ve extended the window for editing the initial post when you have started a new topic. Discussions, Photo Stories, and Links can now be edited for up to 24 hours. Q&A posts can be edited as long as needed to allow you to clarify your question.

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