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Interesting accidental discovery story: Onion Marmalade


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Interesting accidental discovery story: Onion Marmalade

takadi | Apr 9, 2010 09:27 PM

One night I was really hungry for something irony, minerally, rich and decadent. So I reach for the fridge and grab some leftover pate/liverwurst. I spread it on some French bread with butter, but felt something was missing. I fried some shallots and onions and tasted it and felt it needed a sweet and sour punch. So I decided to try something strange and I spread some pear jam I got from a friend on top and gave each a tiny spritz of lemon. The taste was outstanding and since jam and onions mixed so well, I wondered if there was such a miraculous concoction where they combined the two into one...onion jam. And apparently, this stuff is like a staple in French delis

Next thing I knew, I was buying and eventually making onion jam for the next month and now, if there's something rich and minerally, like pate, steak, or a nice juicy hamburger, I absolutely cannot eat it without slathering a big thing of onion marmalade on top. But to think it started from just some late night craving in college makes you marvel at the wonders of food...and it's rediscovery from the ground up can be a really satisfying and enlightening thing

Random story, but I just thought it was interesting what roads food obsession can lead you down. Makes me proud to be a "foodie"

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