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More Information on Tags and Upcoming Beta

The Chowhound Team | Jun 22, 201504:18 PM

Last week we announced (here: that you will soon be able to tag your original posts (threads). Today, we'd like to share more details.

- Tagging your old posts
Once available, you'll have the ability to add or remove tags from your old posts (threads). Tagging your posts will ensure they appear on Tag pages, which will be an easy way to view all conversations related to a particular subject.

Our team will be adding a few tags to many popular posts to ensure Tag pages have some content. This tagging effort will not be exhaustive, so going forward we’ll rely on your help to tag new and old posts alike.

- Regional boards will work as location tags
Our regional boards have always been very limited, especially outside of major US cities. To help solve that, we’ve greatly expanded the number of locations available by adding tags for hundreds of major U.S. cities, every U.S. state, every country, and many major international cities. Converting our regional boards to location tags allows you to add multiple location tags to any post you create.

Your current experience in regional boards will continue to be fundamentally the same, as the new Manhattan tag will contain its full archive of conversations from the current Manhattan board. Many new locations will have just a few discussions to start, but as more new posts are tagged, these pages will be increasingly useful. We know our Reno, Nevada, members (and many, many others) will be thrilled to finally have a place of their own to build on Chowhound (

Location tags will not have a structured hierarchy, allowing you to decide which location tags are the most appropriate for your post. You may choose to tag only a specific city, or you may want to add multiple cities or a state tag if your post is of interest to a wider audience. For example, you may choose to tag your post with only the “Paris” tag if you are planning your meal itinerary, or you may also add the “France” tag if you plan to travel elsewhere in the country. Adding the “Paris” tag will not automatically add a “France” tag.

- Coming soon: Beta Site
We're getting ready to launch a beta site to let you preview a brand-new Chowhound design and to try out tags firsthand. The beta site will be available to all logged in users in early July. We’ll confirm an exact date as we get closer.

We'll guide you and be with you hand-in-hand during this process to answer your questions and address your concerns.

Thanks for tuning in! We're very excited and can't wait for you to see what we’ve been working towards.

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