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Induction Cooktop - Best Layout of Burners?


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Induction Cooktop - Best Layout of Burners?

joyfulcamper | Jan 21, 2014 04:37 PM

Looking for recommendations from cooks who frequently use 3 large pots simultaneously.

I can't fit 2 large pots front to back on my 36" wide cooktop, and the induction cooktops I've seen are not any deeper than my gas one.

And the manufacturers' specs typically don't explain how much space there is between the centers of the burners.

Some cooktops sprinkle the burners around in interesting patterns. Anyone out there who has one of these and uses 3 big pots simultaneously?

Another question - how do you use your large rectangular pancake griddle? For us, pancakes means a crowd, and we have a huge frying pan going for bacon simultaneously with the big pancake griddle. Will it work if I lay the griddle across 2 induction burners? Or do I need to get one of the few cooktops with "bridge" burners to accomplish this? The trouble with those is - guess what? - they have 4 burners in a grid, with a 5th large burner in the middle. Meaning - I probably can't fit 3 large pots on the stove simultaneously.

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