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Improvised Kosher Hot Pot / Steamboat ideas

Rebel46 | Aug 10, 2016 12:15 PM

Recently acquired a Hot Pot and am feeling experimental enough to seek some inspiration to create an improvised Kosher (Sephardic / Mizrahi inspired) variation of the typical Hot Pot / Steamboat down the line.

One of the problems is that this particular Kosher Hot Pot will be Meat only, so pork, seafood and dairy / etc are out of the question.

Also out of ignorance on my part, am wondering whether it is possible to utilize thin cold / deli meats (and perhaps even frozen de-frosted shawarma) for example in place of the wafer thin sliced meats typically used for Hot Pots, mainly because ultra-thin Kosher variations are virtually impossible to get hold of in my current location (and my local-ish Kosher butchers would laugh at the idea of slicing meat more thinly then it already is)?

Have a rough idea of what to do though am open to ideas on the starches, vegetables and condiment fronts (especially if there is some degree of overlap).

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