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please help me identify a beer


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please help me identify a beer

cypressstylepie | Apr 5, 2002 10:19 AM

I've been asking high and low for 6 years and am yet to even narrow it down.

I was in Antwerp in 1995 and was taken to a large beer house next to Town Hall. My hosts ordered for me (they spoke Flemish) and I tried to etch the name of the beer in my mind without writing it down. I've since learned it's ridiculous to have something to important to remember as you're pouring your first beer.

It was the heaviest dark beer I've ever had. So thick, dark and bitter, that the custom is to add grenadine to it to cut the bitterness. The combination was fantastic. And I want more. All I can remember is that it was a monk-brewed Belgian, which doesn't narrow it down terribly. I'm pretty sure it was from a bottle- maybe a blue label.

I'm not necessarily looking for that specific beer as much as knowing what that class of beer is and anything that may be comparable.

I had hopes of finding help when I went to Monk's Cafe in Philadelphia for the first (and only) time. They handed me a huge beer menu and I tried to describe this beer to the waitress who stared at me blankly. She acted like it was bizarre that I was hoping she could help me with anything but taking my order. The frites weren't authentic there either. What a disappointment!

Anyway, any help would be appreciated. I don't remember the temperature it was served at, but I would guess it wouldn't be served very cold.

Thanks so much.

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