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Ideas: How to modify Light Roast Cold Press

daniellempls | Jul 29, 201509:46 AM     1

Before I get admonished, I recognize that many folks love the fruity, winey, bright acidy complexness of a nice light roast. I recognize the quality, however my tastebuds prefer something less tangy and more medium roast. Say Columbian or Indonesian, with more nutty, chocolatey, toasty flavors going on.

That said, I've been on a Cold Press kick this summer, and have been using medium roasts like Caribou blend or Peace Coffee Yeti or something like that. Upon needing to restock I saw that my local Target had Intelligentsia Gallo Blend mismarked for $3.84 for 12oz. Score! To be honest I didn't even read on about the roast or origin, I just threw it in the cart and beelined for the checkout before anyone figured out the goof.

Upon closer inspection at home, it smelled lovely and fruity, but I suspected that this was a way lighter roast than I prefer. No matter, overnight brewing will mellow it out, right? Well.. no. Again I know that to some this is quite perfect, but for me.. very astringent and acidic.

So any thoughts on either how to flavor/modify it to be less tart (cream and simple syrup did not help) or how to use up in a recipe or something?

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