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What Makes the Ideal Dinner Guest?


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What Makes the Ideal Dinner Guest?

escondido123 | Jul 10, 2011 02:08 PM

My husband and I like to have dinner parties. We put time, thought and effort into it and we know we make good food, the wine flows and people enjoy themselves so I figure we've fulfilled our part of the "bargain." In general our guests--who are friends not work related--do the appropriate things. RSVP to an invitation, show up on time, bring wine or other "offering", help out when necessary, and don't overstay their welcome.
But twice I've had guests come and then talk about how they were out soooo late the night before and will have to make it an early evening, or they show up late because they had something else to do first. Am I being too sensitive when I expect guests to appreciate the time/effort/money I have put into a meal? Some people say I just need to roll with it. I get annoyed about it ahead of time and then obsess over it. What do you think? (This pair is part of a group so I can't just leave them out and going to their house is a nightmare of poor planning, forgotten ingredients and dinner at midnight--often after others have taken over the cooking.)

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