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Ice machine refills

thirtyeyes | May 10, 2012 09:28 PM

The asking for a to go cup and a soda refill before leaving a restaurant thread got me thinking. How do people feel about going for some free ice? I have a thing for super cold beverages.

Example 1: You are in an airport and pass by a food court, do you go in for some ice? Do you pay for it. This one is tricky because you were forced to abandon all liquids at security.

Example 2: You are on the road and duck into McD's or BK for a restroom break, do you go for the ice? Only if you buy some food?

Example 3: You are on the road and buy a lot of gas. Do you feel you are entitled to some free ice from the Bev Fountain?

Personally, I've gone for free ice at the airport because I can't bring it through security, I blame TSA (and terrorists) for this, and many other discomforts. If I ever meet a real terrorist I will beat him down with my 1 quart bag of 3 oz liquids. I always buy food at fast food places, and usually a soda and then go for extra ice.

How about you? Any other places to swoop down on some ice?

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