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Hypothesis: A high fiber diet will always lead to good health, disprove please

Bottomless_Pit | Jul 15, 201511:12 PM     53

I've been mulling over my experiences with raw food. I've attempted raw vegan-ism by increasing fruit and leafy green while decreasing meat and dairy intake. I never became raw vegan for more than about 48 hours.

I've seen an improvement in my health. Yet, the question that keeps nagging at me why? Why do I see an improvement in my health? Its not just me many people attempting raw speak testimonials about raw food. People don't question good events, in the idea they might jinx it or some other superstition.

If I want to help others though, I need to know why. Let's start with a series of hypothesis to try to get to the bottom of this.

Hypothesis 1: Fruit is the answer, fruit in all forms is the key to good health.

disproving hypothesis 1: Pasteurized orange juice causes blood sugar to spike. Therefore fruit in all forms can't be the answer. I really wouldn't want to give an all orange juice diet to a diabetic.

Hypothesis 2: Meat is the culprit, the total elimination of meat is why the raw vegan diet works. Become a vegetarian and you will have good health always.

disproving hypothesis 2:

There are many cases of unhealthy vegetarians.

Hypothesis 3: A vegan lifestyle always leads to good health

Disproving hypothesis 3: See disproving hypothesis 2

Hypothesis 4: A raw diet always leads to good health.

Disproving hypothesis 4 : Bill Clinton ate too many nuts, which can be eaten raw. Nuts are too high in fat.

Hmmm, its not fruit otherwise high amounts of pasteurized orange juice would be good for you. Not total elimination of meat since there are many cases of sick vegetarians/vegans. Its not even the raw diet itself otherwise you could just eat all raw nuts. Yet, there is too much Anecdotal evidence to dismiss the lifestyle change entirely.

Now I could take the angle of elimination, elimination of trans fat, saturated fat, HFCS, cholesterol, etc. That could take a long time, in general your better of with an additive processes. More importantly if you eat nothing eventually you will die. Although a diet of nothing eliminates cholesterol, it is easily the worst diet imaginable.

What does the raw food diet have that a high meat and dairy diet doesn't have? Vitamin C just for starters. Yet, the pasteurized orange juice in hypothesis 1 has lots of Vitamin C. Now what does pasteurized orange juice not have that a whole orange does have? Fiber, fiber is my educated guess is the key to the raw food diet.

Note this is probably pseudo science, yet I'm trying to improve.

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